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Workshop Agenda - February 21, 2013TEC21 Goals: Connect, Share, Inspire, Grow and Support

Begin at 9:00 am

Devotion - The "E" Word


  • How did you grow since the last time we met?
  • What has become clearer to you?

CONNECT - Professional Learning Communities

  • Who is in your PLC? - Chart it out with Google Drawing.
  • What benefits have you received?
    • Collaborative Projects - Below are the links Jen Wagner (Projects By Jen) shared with us today.

DEN Connects
http://denconnects.com Monthly projects designed to get classes collaborating.
Theme for Feb/March - Heart Healthy
Mystery State Skype Project

The Mystery Skype Call from langwitches on Vimeo.

Monster Project
Note: These sites are just examples. If you can, pick someone from your own PLC to connect with for your own Monster Project.
You might also want to try a variation of the Monster Project by creating avatars using http://clayyourself.com/
Projects By Jen
Other Online Projects/Resources recommended by Jen:
Rock Our World
An online music project. Global connections - guaranteed! http://www.rockourworld.org/
CLICK HERE to see a list of projects you could join.
Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education
http://ciese.org/collabprojs.html - Some higher level collaborative science projects
Global Read Aloud Project
By Pernille Ripp


  • "Celebration Day" is coming Thursday, May 16th, 2013. What will you share?


What you were wondering about...

I want to know more about the AFI Screen Ed program.
Here's the 80+ page Teacher Manual: AFI Screen Education (PDF)

How can I incorporate videos into my technology curriculum?
Here is Dr. Lodge McCammon's site on Flipping the Classroom and here's a FREE WEBINAR you can attend TONIGHT!

What is the best format for sharing videos with second grade families?
For recording/exporting the "universal" format is mp4. You can upload a variety of places. One secure way to share videos with your class might be to have your parents/student join an Edmodo group. You could upload the videos (under 100mb) and let families login and download them for viewing. You might also consider a shuttefly account for sharing class videos and photos.
If you'd rather share with a link, you can upload to and share from any one of the following services - Dropbox, Screenshare.com, SchoolTube, YouTube
Also - look at ge.tt for sharing folders full of files.

Can I have success uploading videos with my class?

What other activities online or apps are appropriate for a first grade class?
Here are a few sites to get you started: ABCya.com, Starfall.com, switchzoo.com, eManipulatives, kerpoof.com
And some apps: WilderQuest, Boggle Free, Math Doodles, Math Fact Master, Sight Words by Little Speller, Sock Puppets, just to name a few. Does anyone else in the group have some more suggestions?

How can I get kids to create more in a 21st Century environment (when) school does not have technology or funding to support activities.
Look into education grants. OCCUE has an $1500 technology grant they award every year. Start with en educational goal, determine what technology you need to accomplish that goal, and write up a grant proposal.

Long Term Goals: I share these so we can help and "encourage" others.

"One of my long term goals would be to have my students take notes on their iPads for English. I would like to have them send their homework to me via email. I would also like to have their assignment books/calendar on the iPad. I would like to send them their weekly assignments via email on the weekends."

"I would love to create three wikis for my science classes"

"My long term goal is to work with the other teachers at my school to get them incorporating more technology into their everyday lessons. I need to share more of the wonderful resources I am finding at TEC21 with the others at my school."

"I would like to redo my teacher website and make more resources available to the parents through the website."

"I want to use the storybird books created with the help of my first grade class, as homework. Students will need to go online and read a story we have made in class. Then they will need to record it for their weekly reading log. I will start by requiring the students to use it once a month or more.
I also want to share a variety of websites and apps that I have learned with my co-workers."

"Have class make a Storybird and upload it to Edmodo."

"To engage the other teachers into using more technology in their classrooms on a daily basis throughout K-8...this does not mean watching videos only. Helping teachers reaching the different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy with the technology aspect of learning, especially creating."

Lunch Hour at 11:30 am / Back to Work at 12:30 pm

SPECIAL SKYPE GUEST: Jen Wagner from Projects By Jen speaking to us about "Collaborative Global Projects"

Additional Links:
Pep Talk from Kid President (Video)
Guess the Wordle
Jen Wagner's Wordle Samples (on Pinterest) - Pssst! Don't forget to send her an e-mail.
Every Presentation Ever (Video)

Dismiss at 2:00 pm